Hi! I'm Mr. Brownie, a california-based illustrator. I've studied graphic design engineering at Tijuana. I love the superhero mythos, hot-blooded Batfan here. I've been drawing since I could manage to get something that leaves a mark and never stopped since.



(Based on the main character of the same name of “OKAMI”)

I saw this creation as a challenge. Firstly, I dedicate this to Braulio one of my best friends that’s a little under the weather right now. And secondly, this is my Animals Head entry for the new contest at fuckyeahsoulcaliburcreations.

What is this furry-looking fellah supposed to be? Well it’s the sun-goddess Amaterasu as she appears in the game ŌKAMI (which is a pun god/wolf). Using the Divine Instruments known as: The Devout Beads Rosary, the Thunder Edge Glaive and what supposedly is the Divine Retribution Reflector. She uses Siegfried’s Soul due to it’s Critical Edge resembling her Blizzard attack and the Soul Calibur (Hidden) sword resembling the Thunder Edge Glaive. In few words, because it looks cool and kind of fits the character.

By the way, I’ll keep updating this post with any improvements I make.

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