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Full Metal Alchemist: Edward Elric

(Based on stills of FMA and FMA:Brotherhood)

A little prologue…

I finished watching Brotherhood last year and it really got in. I fell in love with it’s character design and plot. Although I watched some episodes of the first FMA, and listened to its openings and endings religiously, the series didn’t resonate with me at that time.

Seeing Esuteru’s Edward inspired me to make my version and to try and make other characters. The first is Edward Elric.

=> Main Creation Details:

  • Smallest Height used.
  • The coat’s hooks-and-eye closure were colored metallic because it looks aesthetically better than plain red.
  • Edward’s French Braid was made with the Equipment: BOTTLE GOURD. (See pic 2).
  • The white lines in the jacket are made with two big squares, one white square and another smaller black square. The collar can be any figure you feel comfortable with.
  • Motif 76 was used for the Elric’s Insignia on the back of the coat.
  • The white robed version of Edward was also created. (See pic 5 and 6).
  • The Arm Blade Version. (See pic 4 and 9.)
  • I used Nightmare’s Soul because of two reasons: (1.) I love and use Nightmare, (2.) I justify it by saying it fits with Edward’s because of his arm and leg auto-mail and I can imagine Edward transmuting a sword like that and using it to prove his shortness isn’t an disadvantage.

Well that pretty much wraps it up.

By the way, I’ll keep updating this post with any improvements I make.

Any questions, requests or tips you can use the “Ask a question" page.