Hi! I'm Mr. Brownie, a california-based illustrator. I've studied graphic design engineering at Tijuana. I love the superhero mythos, hot-blooded Batfan here. I've been drawing since I could manage to get something that leaves a mark and never stopped since.


The Joker!

(Obviously inspired by The Dark Knight’s rendition.)

With the incredibly fitting Dampierre Move Style. ALL THE MOVES FIT. It’s bedazzling to see this creation fight. I hope to post a Batman vs Joker video soon.

The “Heath Ledger” face has been in since the past Soulcalibur, but in this one they included an “pale wrinkled” make up. I was in shock, “At last!” I said, and started to get the look that I wanted. The actual white “make-up” is a giant white circle stamp, the eyes are the ripped leather stamp and the mouth is the only kanji that’s a line. Again, I’ll post the formula soon.

P.S. The fourth picture. Doesn’t it look exactly like the end of the TDK’s trailer? It gives me happy chills. 

By the way, I’ll keep updating this post with any improvements I make.

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