Hi! I'm Mr. Brownie, a california-based illustrator. I've studied graphic design engineering at Tijuana. I love the superhero mythos, hot-blooded Batfan here. I've been drawing since I could manage to get something that leaves a mark and never stopped since.


It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Devil Jin… It’s SUPERMAN!

(Inspired by a mixture of comics and Superman Returns)

When I started using my Batman with the Devil Jin moveset I was happy because he looked pretty cool kicking swordsman with just his fists, but the laser beam never fitted the character. I then thought, who does this spandex-wearing dude shooting lasers reminded me of? SUPERMAN. And Boom! I created Superman. It looks so awesome shooting lasers and flying. Let the blue boy scout do the hardwork! 


  • 2/18/2012 - Changed the SUPERMAN symbol and updated new picture format.

By the way, I’ll keep updating this post with any improvements I make.

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